Monday, July 26, 2010

Anthro Inspired

I love Anthropologie and often go there to get inspiration. I went there the other day and saw the cutest aprons and thought I might be able to make a similar one at home.
                                                        I also found this one at Pier 1

Here's my version using another thrifted Ralph Lauren paisley pillowcase, a blue paisley button down shirt and sheet fabric.
 When I was finished I showed my fiance'. He looked at me, laughed and said, "You're such a girl". I suppose I am. He said it's cute, but I don't think I'll catch him wearing it. 

Till Later,


  1. Your aprons are so cute, you should start selling them! If I had mad cooking skillz I would get one, but you know how much I cook!

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  3. I love this apron. They have been catching my eye at the stores lately too, but I haven't gotten one yet. You should check out If you ever wanted to sell something you made it would be a good site to sell on. It's all home made goods.

  4. Thanks Celia, I've been thinking about it. I think it would be fun.


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