Thursday, August 5, 2010

Berries, Peaches and a Dehydrator

I grew up in a family that was incredibly resourceful. We grew an organic garden, baked our own bread, canned produce during the summer, and sewed much of our own clothing. During the 80's this was very uncool. We would often get the question, "Did you make that?" in a tone that meant it wasn't cool to do that. I told my Mom many times that when I was an adult I would not be doing any of these things, but she always told me that someday I would thank her. I seem to have gone through a change over the past year. I have started gardening, sewing, and yes even canning. In this past year I have noticed that I appreciate those things I've spent time making much more than something I bought, and now when I'm asked if I made something the tone is one of interest and appreciation. So I guess my was right (I hate when that happens).

For my birthday during the day I went to the island to pick blueberries. Yesterday I went on a walk to pick wild blackberries along the road and today I went to the island to pick peaches. I just bought a food dehydrator and dried most of the blueberries, as well as some of the peaches. I think tomorrow I might make some jam with some of the peaches. I think next week will be pickles.

 This morning I had banana-blueberry bread and wild blackberries for breakfast.

mmmmmmmmmm peaches

Tryin' out my new dehydrator!

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  1. Hey, we were uncool like that, too... It's so weird to me that sewing and baking, etc has become some sort of "alternative-edgy-cool" thing. Part of me wonders when it will go out of fashion again. Oh well. You'll always have beautiful breakfasts...

  2. Omg I wish I could have a family like that:)
    So so cool, I do this things now and I feel so much healthy and I really do have more energy:)

    Lots of hugs,


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