Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My Little Garden

This spring was very wet and cold so it was pretty late in the season when I was finally able to plant my garden. This time last year I was picking cucumbers, zucchini and cherry tomatoes, but the first of my harvest is at least a few weeks from now. Here's how it looks right now.
Here's my zucchini plant with a few little squashes starting to grow. 
 Here is Oregon we have Himalayan Blackberries that grow wild. They are incredibly invasive and often choke out native plants, however they taste great.

 One of my jalepeno plants with so many yummy peppers growing!

 Beautiful heirloom tomatoes finally!

 My cabbage has been attacked by cabbage moths.

One gross photo, sorry. My garden is often overrun with slugs. I can handle slugs in while hiking, or really anywhere but my garden. They especially love newly sprouted plants. This is the solution I found that works wonders, though it rather disgusting and you need many throughout the garden. You start out with a plastic container and add beer. The slugs crawl in and drown. Another option I've read that works in copper around the garden but that can get expensive. I might have to do that as these little buggers are everywhere!

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  1. Best of luck to your garden! Not bad for a late start!! The tomatoes & jalapenos look terrific!

    Eddie & Jaithan


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